Easy and safe reusable capsule closure


With Capfito, closing the capsule with Aluminum Leaves is done in a few simple steps without the use of adhesives.

Aluminum is a very strong and durable material that provides a highly protective capsule closure.

Being a lightweight and flexible material, aluminum can be easily molded to fit the shapes of capsules and ensure a perfect seal that can withstand brewing coffee machines at a temperature of 90 degrees at a pressure of 18 Bars.

In addition, once the capsule is used, it is very easy to manually remove the Aluminum Leaf because it is glue-free.
Closure with aluminum is also an environmentally friendly system, as aluminum is a highly recyclable material that does not emit substances harmful to the environment during production or recycling. This makes aluminum closure a sustainable and responsible solution for preserving the contents inside the capsules.


CAPFITO reusable capsules with easy, safe and environmentally friendly closure.







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