How is Capfito made?

Capfito is produced by Italian companies from Piedmont that specialize in precision machining.

What material is it made of?
Capfito is produced from high-quality Al6282 Aluminum, undergoes an innovative surface treatment of anodizing with hot water color fixing without the use of Nickel.
In how many colors is Capfito produced?
Capfito is produced in 5 colors : Orange - Copper - Black - Red - Aluminum
Can I clean and wash Capfito in the dishwasher?
Capfito cannot be washed in the dishwasher as detergents and high temperatures would ruin it.
How can I clean Capfito?
Capfito wipes clean with a soft cloth or brush to remove any coffee dust residue
Can I clean Nespresso reusable capsules and wash them in the dishwasher?
No, Nespresso reusable capsules cannot be washed in the dishwasher as detergents and high temperatures would ruin them
How do you empty the capsules once they are used?
The capsules once used can be emptied by manually removing first the Aluminum Leaf and then the coffee with our SVUOTATOR attachment.
The coffee used to fill the capsules what grind should it have?

Coffee in the market or from the roaster can be found ground Moka or ground Espresso. You can choose either grind, what will have to vary is the pressure we are going to exert on the coffee when we fill the capsule. With an Espresso grind, the pressure will be lighter than with a Moka grind.

What kind of coffee can I use to fill the capsules?
We can choose ground coffee that we find in stores and supermarkets or choose high quality artisanal coffees from roasters.
If we buy coffee from the roaster what grind do we choose?
The grind you can request is somewhere between a Moka grind and an Espresso grind
How many times can I reuse the capsules?
Our Nespresso reusable capsules do not spoil and are of the highest quality and sturdiness. They can be used for many cycles.
Where can I buy Aluminum Leaves refills once I run out?

Once finished Aluminum Leaves can be purchased at the Capfito Store or online at our e-commerce site

What do I find inside the Capfito Kit package?
The kit consists of 1pcs Capfito in the various colors according to the model chosen, 1pcs Capfito filler \ funnel, 12pcs Nespresso Original compatible reusable capsules, 100pcs Aluminum Leaves, Multilingual Instruction Booklet ( IT-EN-FR-DE-ES ) , Full-color Quick Use Instructions.
How can I properly fill the capsule?

Use the Capsule Filler \ Funnel found inside the Kit by placing it on top of the capsule. Fill the coffee capsule with a teaspoon and press until it is completely filled.

How much should I press the coffee inside the capsule?
The pressure to be exerted inside the refillable Nespresso capsule can vary depending on the type of coffee and its grind. We recommend performing a pressure test according to the chosen coffee, checking for proper brewing.
Which coffee machine can I use with the Capfito system?
The coffee machines to be used are those compatible for Nespresso Original capsules manufactured after October 2010.
Can I use only the ground coffee inside the capsule?
In addition to ground coffee, we can fill the capsules with Barley, Tea, Herbal Tea, Ginseng, decaffeinated coffee.
What flavorings can I use to add to coffee to make a unique experience?
When we fill the Nespresso reusable capsule, we can add natural flavors such as spices. e.g. cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, chili pepper, cocoa, lemon peel, etc.
How to use Emptying accessory?
The emptier is used to easily empty the capsule from the coffee after its use.
How do you use Pressino accessory?
The press is used to press the coffee like at the bar, resulting in a more even extraction of all the soluble substances in the coffee.
What material are the Cups made of?
Coffee cups are made of glass using a color misting technique without heavy metals such as lead and cadmium.
Can the capsules be filled with tea and herbal teas?
Yes, we can use leaf teas and herbal teas also purchased from herbal stores. The method for best extracting the flavors is to make multiple short dispensing 4/5 , so as to give the water a chance to make the proper infusion