100% Italian product: Capfito


100% Italian product production means that all stages of production, from the acquisition of raw materials to the distribution of the finished product, take place within Italian territory.

All components of the Capfito product, from manufacturing to marketing, are made by Piedmontese companies using Italian materials and technologies.

The goal is to ensure high quality and reliability of the Capfito product, as all steps undergo the necessary controls to ensure safety and compliance with regulatory requirements.

In addition, 100% Italian production promotes the use of local raw materials and support for the national economy, as all profits generated from the sale of the product remain within the country.

Capfito is made by precision machining with high-quality aluminum.
Automatic machining from solid is a manufacturing process in which a part is fabricated directly from its final shape. It then undergoes a surface treatment process of Anodizing, which involves depositing a thin layer of oxide on the surface of a metal, in this case by fixing it with hot water. This process improves the oxidation, corrosion and wear resistance of the material and increases its durability. In addition, anodizing is used to create a uniform aesthetic finish and improve the appearance .
The graphic design, box printing and production are also “made in Italy” .
Each Capfito has a specific serial number. This number uniquely identifies each piece and makes it unique. In addition, part numbering is also used to track production ensuring its high quality standards.

CAPFITO a 100% Italian product.







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