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Capfito was researched and designed to realise an innovative capsule closure method after a careful analysis of the offerings available on the market. It is now a European Patent.

We would like to analyse some key points between the Capfito method and some solutions on the market:


  • Capfito is a design product made of high-quality aluminium through precision machining, robust to last (not plastic like other solutions).
  • Our capsules are made of Polypropylene, a soft and durable material for dispensing many cycles of coffee. We have tested steel capsule models with a rubber gasket. This results and a problem with the coffee machine’s mechanism breaking after several reuses as it is rigid.
  • Metal capsules also produce a loss of heat while the coffee is brewed as the water has to heat the capsule metal and the coffee in the cup is cold and with little crema.
  • Capfito is equipped with a presser so that the coffee is pressed into the capsule like in a bar. Other manufacturers provide solutions without pressing the coffee and the brewing is not optimal.
  • The patented Capfito closure is designed so that the capsule is closed without adhesive and can withstand the high brewing pressures of coffee machines of 19 bar. Solutions on the market use a lid with a glue. We wanted to avoid the use of glue because it goes into the drink with the water dispensing at 90 degrees. Other solutions use already perforated plastic or metal lids. In addition to increasing the strain on the coffee machine’s closing mechanism, the 19 bar pressure used in dispensing causes water to quickly escape from the holes in the lids, resulting in a poor result in the cup.
  • In the Capfito Kit we provide 12 reusable capsules as a base so that you can prepare them in advance and leave them unopened in a container ready to be used for dinners with friends, throughout the week or to take to the office. In addition, 12-packs of Reusable Capsules can be purchased for only 7 euros. Other solutions offer expensive metal capsules in limited numbers that are difficult to handle in daily use.
  • We do not supply coffee, but want to leave our customers free to buy speciality coffee products from roasters.


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