Contaminated coffee, health ministry orders market recall


Precautionary recall of several batches of coffee pods and capsules. The Ministry of Health on Friday, Dec. 23, 2022, ordered manufacturers to take certain packs of coffee off the market in which there may be an amount of ochratoxin above the legal limits.

We are talking about a very resistant microtoxin that is produced naturally by some molds. It can be found in different types of foods, such as cereals, nuts, wine and, indeed coffee. Efsa, the European Food Safety Authority, concluded a study in 2006 confirming the substance’s genotoxicity, which can directly damage human DNA. Ochratoxin is kidney carcinogenic, has nephrotoxic action, raises protein levels in urine. This toxin, on whose presence in food the European Union has imposed very strict limits, is so resistant that it accumulates in the tissues of animal species to the point where even meat intended for food consumption is toxic.


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